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Project HELP

Project H.E.L.P. (Homeless Education Liaison Program) is a collaboration between Youth & Family Counseling Services and United Way of Brazoria County, created to eradicate homelessness in Brazoria County.  The program provides wrap-around case management for those that are identified as homeless or n the verge of homelessness.  The program accepts referrals from the community, as well as self-referral to assist in maintaining or obtaining adequate housing, employment, education, and financial stability for the residents of the county.  The program seeks to provide support as participants take an active role in their future success by attending meetings set through the program and collaborating agencies to gain services and support.  This is accomplished by educating participants on the available resources and ensuring that they have access to them. Case managers assist clients through the successful completion of the program.


STAR (Services To At Risk Youth) Program provides counseling and case management to children and their families at no cost to the clients.  Services are for 180 days, 0-17 years of age (or still enrolled in high school) to help with communication, anger management, discipline, parenting, child abuse prevention, school attendance issues, as well as mental health education and support, amongst a plethora of other presenting issues.  Because part of our mission is to prevent delinquency, child abuse, and neglect, our Licensed Professional Counselors and case managers work hard to help children, adolescents, and their families grow into their full potential.

Safe Place

The Safe Place Network is composed of several sites throughout the county. When people in crisis need a safe place to go and someone to talk to, their needs can be met through the program.

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Many of the counseling and case management services at the agency are free of charge to the client, but if there are services that are needed and not covered through another program, we offer a sliding scale for fees for clients.

  • Children/adolescents $20 per 50 minute session
  • College students (with proof of enrollment) $15 per 50 minute session
  • Veterans and Senior Adults $10 per 50 minute session
  • All others are income based and require documentation of finances income.
Crime Victims Counseling

The Crimes Victims Counseling Program reaches out to victims and their families by providing crisis intervention, professional counseling and case management.  Our primary goal is to facilitate recovery by helping victims and their families realize that they are not alone, providing free and effective professional counseling and case management to victims and their families who reside in Brazoria County, promoting healing which allows victims to participate fully in the criminal justice process, and assisting victims to access existing community resources.

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For Kid’s Sake Parenting Classes

For Kids’ Sake parenting is for parents that are experiencing divorce or custody arrangements to assist in learning to co-parent. This class assists in understanding the effects of divorce on children, how to avoid placing children in the middle of parenting issues, and maintaining a meaningful and loving relationship with children.

Pride In Parenting

Youth & Family Counseling Services Resource Program currently offers classes throughout the year to help parents increase comfortability in child-rearing. A wide variety of topics are addressed including, but not limited to parenting styles and predictable outcomes of each, parenting strategies, effective routines, & appropriate toys and activities, effective communication with children & nurturing self-esteem, behavioral management techniques, development and milestones, and reducing stress in parenting.

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Community Education

Youth & Family Counseling Services offers education to the community at their request. We provide training for Daycare centers, educators, mental health professionals, families, and other paraprofessionals and professionals concerning mental health, families, child abuse prevention, neglect prevention, as well as other requested topics.

ASIST Training

ASIST is an evidence based suicide intervention training for those that are 16 and older and would like to be able to offer lifesaving intervention to the community. This certification is for 3 years and is at a discounted rate for the two day training. This can be offered on site or at the agency.

The CAP Partnership

By becoming a member of the Child Abuse Prevention Partnership, you will be participating in life-changing work in a tangible way.

Not everyone has the time to volunteer, but everyone has the power to give.

Capstone partner: $1,000
Capstone partners are recognized at the Annual Meeting, on and in publications like the Annual Report and The Family Voice. They receive all publications, complementary raffle tickets, invitations to events, and commemorative gifts, such as a pin made in honor of the annual Blue Ribbon Run.


Foundational Partner: $500
Foundational partners are recognized on and in publications. They receive all publications, some commemorative gifts, and invitations to events.


Sponsoring Partner: $100
Sponsoring partners are recognized in the Annual Report and in other publications. They receive The Family Voice and invitations to events.


Supporting Partner: $50
Supporting partners are recognized in the Annual Report. They receive the Family Voice and invitations to events.

Friends are recognized in the Annual Report and receive invitations to events.